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Lock js 11 - Web - Autofill password not working on chrome IOS




If you try to use lock (the modal) in chrome IOS, when you type the username field it let you choose from a list of user/password as usual.

If you type one, it will blink and the user and password field will stay blank.

Works fine on safari.

Anyway I can fix this ?

I tried with autocomplete on or off without success.



Hey @kaltenf, is this solved for you meanwhile?
I am having similar issues during the last days…



@kaltenf @pododesk-operations Would it be possible to provide a snippet of code from your authentication request (remove any sensitive information)? And is this on Lock v11.9.1 ?


Hey Kim, thanks for you offer to support. As I am not a developer I would need to ask you for some support on how to gather what you asked for :slight_smile:
Thanks, Jens


hey @kim.noel, can you help me to provide you with what you asked for?


@pododesk-operations yes! Please feel free to direct message me and we can pass the information through there!