Supporting iOS password autofill, apple-app-site-association w/ webcredentials

Hi there,

We are trying to add full support for iOS password autofill (with suggested credentials) with Auth0 for traditional UN/PW login, and share stored credentials between our mobile app and web login. According to the documentation, we are required to support webcredentials in a apple-app-site-association via the associated domain. For reference, see:

From what I see, it is possible to configure this file for the auth domain (, or, custom domain) in the auth0 app advanced settings, but only for applinks. But I can see no way to specify webcredentials.

Am I on the right track? Is there any documentation on how to set this up or is this even possible? iOS password autofill has been a standard feature for some time, I would hope that I am able to take advantage of this functionality.



We have the same issue, of not being able to add the auto-fill password in our iOS app.

Did you manage to get it to work?

I believe this should be added to the file, can we do it by our self?

"webcredentials": {
    "apps": ["*********"]

Hey there!

Not exactly into what you guys post but if you can go for Lock.swift then you can make use of password autofills:

@konrad.sopala - any chance this can be implemented? Surely it shouldn’t take long to add another key into that json with data which are already available.

If not, can you please provide an alternative solution? Modifying Lock.swift unfortunately is not really a valid option to achieve this functionality.