How do you handle multiple connections with a single login form

I have a single application with multiple organizations.
Each organization has it’s on connection/user database.
A user can be duplicated across the organizations with different passwords (same email)
The login form for the application is shared across both applications with the same domain.

I login to one organization and save my password to Chrome. When I login to the other organization Chrome uses autofill to populate my password which is different from the first organization.

How do I stop my password from being auto filled when I change organizations? Better yet, how do I get it to autofill with the correct password?

Hi @geoff1,

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I understand that you have questions regarding password auto-complete when using organizations.

In this scenario, I recommend explicitly setting your Lock configuration settings to include allowPasswordAutocomplete: false.

By doing so, should prevent the passwords from auto-completing.

However, if the same behavior persists through these changes, could you elaborate whether you’re using a password manager to remember and auto-fill your credentials like Chrome’s Password Manager?
(i.e, pressing a saved account in Chrome and auto-fills the email and password)

Thank you.

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What if we are using @auth0/auth0-spa-js?

Hi @geoff1,

To help me understand the situation better, could you please clarify whether you are using the Universal Login Page?

Next, could you please clarify whether you are specifying the `organization when setting up the client?

And, could you please clarify whether these users are using a Password Manager?

A workaround to stop the passwords from being auto-filled would be to ask these users to remove the credentials from the Password Manager for these login pages.

The latter might be possible if the Password Manager saved these URLs with the corresponding organization defined.

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you.

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