Unable to use facebook login w/ custom domains


I’ve set up our production Auth0 tenant to utilize multiple social connections with custom domains including Facebook. The setup for the facebook login was fully complete and works when using the Auth0 domains for login (“https://<auth0_tenant>.us.auth0.com/login/callback”) however if I replace the domain with the custom domain set. The facebook login does not work anymore.

The other 2 social connections that were set up which were google and twitter which both work completely fine with or without custom domains. The Facebook login works when I press the Try Connection button in the Authentication > Social > Facebook connection section of the dashboard since it is using the auth0 domain, but when testing in our production website, it does not. I instead receive a “URL Blocked” error message and the following error message:

I have added our custom domain to the list of valid oauth redirect urls as far as a I can tell since it worked for the auth0 domain, but not the custom.