Unable to set a custom font with the No-Code editor

Hi! I’ve tried setting a custom font for my login page but this doesn’t seem to work properly.

I’ve pointed Auth0 directly to a woff2 file and in the file folder there is the .htaccess file with the header required in the documentation.

Can you help me?

Hey there!

Can you share with us the link to that font so we can test it on our tenant? Thank you!

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Yes of course! Here it is: https://usasiago.com/Fonts/ubuntu-v20-latin-500.woff

Hey there!

Wanted to ask one follow-up question

  1. Once you put the link to your font are you able to save the page successfully? Once the New Universal Login loads it simply doesn’t use your font but displays the default one?

Hey @konrad.sopala,

That’s right. I can successfully save the setting in the Customization Tab, but the New Universal Login page shows the default font anyway.

I am having the same experience. My woff file is hosted here: https://portal.ezymed.com.au/assets/fonts/Poppins-Regular.woff yet has no affect after saving.

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Hey there Folks!

Terribly sorry for the delay in response! I’m following up on that with the team responsible for maintaining Universal Login. As soon as I have their guidance will let you know!

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I actually received two tips that you can use to make this work. Let me know if that does the job!

  • Look if there are any cross site restrictions on the CDN/site in place or if its set to allow cross domain traffic
  • Hosting somewhere where the network traffic keeps the font from being loaded in time for the page load to happen

Hi @konrad.sopala,

Now everything works fine! I just had to set the link to “https://www.[domain].com”. With “https://” or “www” only it didn’t work.

Thanks for your support!

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No worries! Glad you were able to figure it out!