Unable to redirect to web client when clicking "Continue without passkeys" or after successfully generating a passkey in the passkey enrollment screen

I have integrated AWS cognito with auth0 and I enabled the passkey feature. In flow login, at passkey enrollment screen, the user clicks “Continue without passkeys” or after the user creates a passkey, I see cognito not receiving a SAML Response from auth0 so it does not redirect to the user interface.
Not sure if I am missing any settings.
Any help/tips/pointers would be appreciated.


Here is the some steps which can help you.

Check SAML Configuration: Ensure AWS Cognito and Auth0 SAML settings are correct.
Inspect Auth0 Logs: Look for errors during the login flow in Auth0 logs.
Review Passkey Settings: Ensure passkey settings are compatible with SAML. Verify Callback URL: Ensure the Auth0 callback URL matches your AWS Cognito domain.
Check User Attribute Mapping: Ensure user attributes are correctly mapped between Auth0 and Cognito.
Monitor Response Size: Ensure SAML response size is within limits.
Network and Security: Check for any network/security settings blocking communication.

Hope this steps will help you.
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Thanks for your reply.

For some of your steps I checked:

Check SAML Configuration, Callback URL, Check User Attribute Mapping, Monitor Response Size, Network and Security: other cases are still working normally so I think these are not the reason for the error

Inspect Auth0 Logs: I checked the logs on auth0 and did not see any error returned in the login flow.

Review Passkey Settings: If the user already has a passkey, the login will be successful so I think this is not the reason for the error.

In the login flow, I have used custom actions Post Login. I tried removing it but it still does not work.
I hope to find the root cause of this error.