Auth0 with AWS Cognito OpenID Connect, how to skip re login


I’m using AWS Cognito as OIDC <> Auth0 as SAML-IDP (idp-initiated) <> SP.

I have a web-app which has login mechanism with AWS Cognito pool,

and I’m trying to redirect logged-in customers to third-party URL (which requires log-in as well, SAML).

I have setup Auth0 OpenID Connect (AWS Cognito - see image below), which seems to work well (users are synced from my user-pool with Auth0/User Management/Users).

When i’m redirecting my logged in users, I redirect them to Auth0 Identity Provider Login URL (i.e:

the problem i’m facing is that for the first time - user is required to log-in again (to cognito) although he was already logged in (see image below).

I was trying to follow up the requests made after redirection to Auth0 Provider Login URL and it seems that /authorize URL on cognito is the issue (

what am i’m missing here? is there any way to skip that step?

tried to redirect directly to cognito hosted UI https://<yourDomainPrefix>.auth.<region><yourClientId>&redirect_uri=<redirectUrl> and still requests a re-login