Infinite loop between the SP and Auth0 after authentication


I have created an App (Regular web app) in Auth0 dashboard and using Auth0 as a SAML based Idp provider. I have configured my SP with the certificate and SAML Usage details that I get in the SAML dashboard of my Auth0 App. I have also set the callback url to my application’s homepage.

When I try to hit my web page, it is successfully being redirected to the Auth0 login screen, after providing the Username, Password and MFA I’m being redirected to the web page that I have set as a callback URL in the Auth0 App

But again, the web page redirects me to the login screen of Auth0. It is entering into a loop.

Expected behavior : Once the authentication is successful, User should be able to access the web page.

Current behavior : Upon successful authentication, User is being redirected to the web page (which is set as a callback URL) and again web page redirects the user to the login screen of Auth0.

Note : My login URL and Call back URL are same, I believe it is not an issue.

I could see that a network call is getting failed, Not sure whether that is the root cause of my issue. Attaching the screenshot for reference.

Any thoughts around the same would help me a lot. Thanks in advance !!

I could see that many people have come across the same issue, but none of the reported solutions works for me.

I’m still waiting for some responses on this issue.

We are using AEM as Service Provider. hence there is no code involved in setting up the SAML Authentication, everything is driven through configurations.

Hey, i had a similar issue. see if this helps