Unable to redirect after User Logout

I am using Spring Security to implement User Logout.

I am able to get 302 Response from : https://valor-sandbox.auth0.com/v2/logout?client_id={my_client_id}&returnTo=http://localhost:4200.

But when the browser is trying to open up returnTo url it is giving CORS error saying that “Origin is set to null”. I understand that this is a CORS issue as our server is a CORS resource and it is trying to redirect to external service. That is why Origin is set to null.

Is there a solution for this?

P.S: I am already setting Access-Control-Allow-Origin: “*”.

Hi @cpandya23,

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Have you set your ‘Allowed Logout URLs’?

In addition, if you are referring to the Allowed Origins (CORS) field, wildcards(*) are only allowed on the subdomain level.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @dan.woda.
I already have set “Allowed Logout URLs” . I have resolved the issue as well.
It was related to Angular.
For future viewers,
I was getting Origin: null because I was using HttpClient to make backend API call.
I have changed it to “window.location.href ={backend-api}” and issue got resolved.

Thanks for posting your solution!

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