Unable to Obtain Refresh Token using Passwordless


I have a mobile app that implements passwordless authentication for users, I’m able to get an access token, however, I’m unable to get a refresh token.

I’m sending a POST request to the /ouath/token endpoint, and passing offline_access to the scope.

Please help.



Have a look here:

Looks like it requires use of hosted login pages.

Hey there @luke.adams and @sa3eedo I have linked one of our terrific docs below on Hosted Login pages through Universal Login. Let me know if this helps shed some light on a solution for you @sa3eedo otherwise I would be happy to dive in deeper with you to get the problem resolved!

@James.Morrison - Just to confirm with this process we can use passwordless and get refresh tokens from a SPA? thanks

Hey @luke.adams I wanted to follow up and let you know you can still use passwordless and refresh tokens from a Single Page Application. Thanks!

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