Cannot get Refresh Token from passwordless/start

Hello everyone,
I am struggling with Auth0 apis since 48 hours (due to partially outdated, misleading documentation, imho).

I am able to request a mail link with the passwordless/start endpoint. I use a deep-link callback to get the accessToken once the user clicks on the email.
I have no problem to retrieve the JWT access token, but I cannot get a Refresh Token. And since the maximum timespan for tokens is 24 hours (86400), how can I renew the token without sending a new mail to the user?

I have offline_mode enabled in the API settings and using the following request:

  "client_id": "my_client_id",
  "connection": "email",
  "email": "my_test_email",
  "send": "link",
  "authParams": {
    "scope": "openid offline_access",
    "audience": "my_api_id"

:wave: @marco.ancona * If you use Passwordless authentication through the hosted login page then refresh tokens should be available I believe. if you are using Rules within your application, it’s possible that these may give rise to obscure problems relating to Refresh Token exchanges. Where you able to implement your solution?