Unable to log in users through Auth0

Having an issue with Auth0’s login service. Our users can either log in through us, or log in through Auth0. When they log in through us, everything comes out fine. However, occasionally, when a user logs in through Auth0, their account details are not passed along to our DB, meaning that they’re unable to continue to use our app - usually we have to go in an set up an account for them, which isn’t great.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any advice you have would be great!


Hi @cbahnweg ,
I think you can add your own custom-database connection in the dashboard ( from there you can pull the user details , you can just write the scripts to login, sign-up , delete ,verfiy ,change user data etc … also ) …

Go to : Dashboard > Connections > Database …

I used my custom DB ( mysql ) to login user , connected it using mysql-JS …( auth0 has a good template present) .
Hope it helped …

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