Unable to import properties last_login, last_password_reset, updated_at using bulk import functionality

I am unable to import these properties using bulk import functionality


The import schema does not talk about if these can be imported.

It does mention that user.app_metadata object must not contain any of these properties.

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Hi @ashish.jamthe ,

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This article gives the list of properties that can be updated during bulk user import. The three properties you asked for are timestamps. I think they are updated by the system only.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for getting back quickly. The article does not mention last_login time as a property that can be bulk imported. Among all the timestamps, this is the property which is visible to our customers, hence we were hoping to import it.
Can we conclusively say this is out of scope of bulk import?
Just wanted Auth0 team to confirm so we could look for alternative solutions, if our PO is not happy to descope this.

That’s correct, we can not update those fields with bulk import. Please feel free to communicate directly to our product team using our feedback page and click on the Vote button. Thank you!

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