Password change is required after importing bulk user


I have a question.

I am not able to login after importing bulk users.

I checked log message and got a message about password change is required.

this is one of user data that I imported to auth0 database.

“email”: “”,
“name”: “name”,
“user_metadata”: {
“default_lang”: “en”,
“phone”: “”,
“user_name”: “user_name”,
“user_type”: “”
“custom_password_hash”: {
“algorithm”: “md5”,
“hash”: {
“value”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“encoding”: “base64”

Hi @hyun.park ,

Thank you for reaching us.

I understand that you want to know why password change is required after importing bulk users.

Do you mind send me a test user’s password and password hash in the DM?


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Hi @hyun.park ,

I could not decode your hash value to match the password. Could you provide a screenshot of the error?

In addition, does this happen with all imported users? Can they log in after changing password?

BTW, I tried with bcrypt and it’s working fine. Below is my scripts. This could be an alternative solution if you want to bulk import users with password.

        "name": "",
        "email": "",
        "user_metadata": {
            "hobby": "xxx"
        "app_metadata": {
            "organization": "xxx"
        "custom_password_hash": {
            "algorithm": "bcrypt",
            "hash": {
                "value": "xxxx"

Hi @hyun.park ,

If you can DM me the details about how you generate the hash value using your password, I will look into this further.