Password change is required after importing bulk user on Rails

I am not able to login after importing bulk users.

I checked log message and got a message about password change is required.

this is one of user data that I imported to auth0 database.

:hash=> {:value=>“$2a$10$ZqTeKBHM58UOH4xTkv5gIuh/GUv8kHmOZrEYuNCYFtun7WSCUnvXW”}

We would like to migrate our users from a ruby on rails platform using Sorcery, to auth0.

The problem we encounter is that Sorcery is using a “salt” to the passwords each user.

I tried to find any actions in auth0 which would allow us to do this but found nothing that could help in the process before the password verification.

Hi @yk-ms,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community! I apologize for the delayed response.

That error suggests the hash isn’t being matched correctly.

Your hash value should include the salt. You can see an example here: bcrypt - Wikipedia.

Do you have an example of how you are getting that value?

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