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Unable to create any social connections: 'invalid shop name'



I’ve tried to create social connections for my new app for Google and Github, and when I try to save the screen with the client ID and client secret, I get an error popup complaining about an “invalid shop name” with a myshopify example URL. Nothing about my app is in any way related to Shopify.


@sethb0 this sounds super weird. Can you give me some more details?

  1. To be clear you are creating a github and goole social connection for you app?
  2. Are both of the social connections throwing this same error?

I tested Google out with a fake made up client_id and client_secret and I did see a failure, but it was google telling me the client_id I used was not a legit client_id provided by google. Can you send me a HAR file of the failure? It might be worth making sure you client_secret is redacted from it.

I have no idea where this error is coming from, but happy to help with some more details.



Yeah sorry I should have closed this topic—I was able to create the connections when I logged into Auth0 dashboard with another browser. Probably my security settings were at fault. Thanks though!