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Shopify connection is severely limited


I setup a Shopify social connection in Auth0, but as this thread points out - it only works for a single store:

How do I support a thousand users from a thousand different Shopify stores?
Do I have to use a custom Oauth implementation?

Auth0 was supposed to make this easy… instead, I still have to hack an oauth implementation from scratch.


:wave: @admin32 I do not believe there is a way to scale the Shopify login to handle multiple different store logins (creating a custom social connection: since the OAuth integration is per shop, so it will happen at different endpoints based on the shop name https://{shop-name} If there weren’t many we could represent individual shops as different custom OAuth connections, but if there were many/infinite shops then this just wouldn’t be supported at this time.

I can say that this has come up before, and there is a request to handle this case in our requests/backlog. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any ETA for this implementation to be ready.