Shopify connection is severely limited

I setup a Shopify social connection in Auth0, but as this thread points out - it only works for a single store:

How do I support a thousand users from a thousand different Shopify stores?
Do I have to use a custom Oauth implementation?

Auth0 was supposed to make this easy… instead, I still have to hack an oauth implementation from scratch.

:wave: @admin32 I do not believe there is a way to scale the Shopify login to handle multiple different store logins (creating a custom social connection: since the OAuth integration is per shop, so it will happen at different endpoints based on the shop name https://{shop-name} If there weren’t many we could represent individual shops as different custom OAuth connections, but if there were many/infinite shops then this just wouldn’t be supported at this time.

I can say that this has come up before, and there is a request to handle this case in our requests/backlog. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any ETA for this implementation to be ready.

This would be a great feature to have. We are in the same boat, looking for a way for shops to authenticate using auth0.

Any suggestions here? Is it possible to write custom scripts that sit in on the Social Connection and can translate between the Shopify auth/user and Auth0?

Hey there @hez!

I’m not into the topic as of now but let me research it and get back to you with my insights!

Ok so I dived into this topic as well as all content we have regarding Shopify:

Getting back to initial message it indeed seems not doable at least from not some hacky perspective.
It would be great @hez if you can provide context-oriented feedback directly to our product team as a feature request via our feedback site:

Thank you!

Hi Hez,

I saw the feedback you submitted to the Product team, thanks for that!

We don’t have first-class support for the scenario you describe, however, I think you could create one custom social connection per store. You can try if the approach works using the Custom Social Connection, and if it does, automate creating those connections using the API.

Would that work?



Hey @hez!

Have you had a chance to see last message from @andres.aguiar?

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That wouldn’t work with the scale we are looking at. Plus we don’t know a head of time what the shop would be, we would want to create the user during this process as well.