Unable to configure Smtp email provider (Too many bad auth attempts)

I was unable to configure correctly a custom email provider. i have tried gmail, yahoo, aol, outlook…
i was having failed messages like Failed to authenticate and now i have a message from auth0
Invalid login: 535 5.7.0 (#AUTH005) Too many bad auth attempts. even if i waited on day it fail with the same message.
Maybe i have been blocked by auth0.
Any ideas ?

Hi @ilyass and welcome to the Auth0 Community! :slightly_smiling_face:

When attempting to set up your custom email provider did you refer to this documentation?

How were you generating these error messages? Was it while using the ‘Try’ button to test sending email templates? What steps in particular were you getting stuck on when setting up your email provider? Also would you mind sharing your tenant in a DM so I can see what you mean by being ‘blocked by auth0’?