Connection refused when trying custom SMTP Server connection

I am trying to connect my email server to connect with Auth0 but I’m unable to connect. Can you please advise what I can change in setup? Error log as follow:

  "date": "2017-06-29T20:15:57.660Z",
  "type": "fn",
  "description": "To:",
  "connection_id": "",
  "details": {
    "email_type": "try_provider_configuration_email",
    "to": "",
    "error": "connect ECONNREFUSED"
  "log_id": "49574419589858254662354613221422369306065753754973503522"

A possible explanation for the error you’re receiving is that your SMTP server is behind a firewall and as such the connection from Auth0 is being rejected. If this is the case, on the Dashboard page that allows you to configure the provider there’s a note about this that includes the list of IP’s that should be white-listed in the firewall. It goes something like this:

Heads up! If you are trying to access a service behind a firewall, make sure to open the right ports and allow inbound connections from these IP addresses: x.x.x.x, y.y.y.y, z.z.z.z

Check the Dashboard for the applicable IP addresses; also have in mind the port number you provided when performing the firewall configuration changes.

Hi Thank you for the quick reply.

Can you share the link please? I tried to search on my dashboard but unable to find.

Thanks, Taral

You should see that message at the following page: