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UNABLE to change email address



We created account and signed up paid for annual plan, however after realized email login was created with typo instead of info@{{redacted}}.com was typed info@{{redacted}}.com missing F, there are no options to change or correct or cancel subscription close account and re-open it. Send few messages, emails and voice messages already 2 days no reply to any of them


Sorry for the delay @usaarm… We’ve been discussing internally a few different options. One that seems to be a good way forward for you is found here


Hi, I used this proposed solution but I have the exact same issue mentioned at the end of this thread and there is no given feedback/solution


So you went to your tenant settings, navigated to the Dashboard Admins section and added a new email address as an administrator for All Applications?


yes indeed.
On the same computer: logged as ‘user1’, trying to add ‘user2’ (just created account without tenant). Goal is to login as ‘user2’ and then remove ‘user1’


Are you receiving any errors you can share? Also PM me your tenant.


No error message. I prepared a video capture but it’s not allowed to upload this kind of file.

‘user2’ is successfully added (‘pending’ status in the ’ Dashboard Admins’ tab), ‘user2’ invitation email received, click on ‘accept’, redirect to the dashboard, ‘user2’ disappeared from the ’ Dashboard Admins’ tab


If you could upload that to something like dropbox or GDrive and then post the link that would be helpful to see what you are seeing


link to the screen shot video


So I was able to duplicate this, however I was still logged into the same account (because cache). When I opened the link in an incognito browser it worked swimmingly. I suggest you try it that way.


Yes it worked also for me Thanks


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