Can't validate my email because domain does not exist anymore

I signed up for Auth0 with an email address that does not exist anymore. For some reason I cannot change it, although I can use the account normally. Can someone from Auth0 support assist me in changing this email address?

This would be the process you should follow:

Let me know if that does/doesn’t work for you.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I can add another dashboard admin. I can however not remove the admin with the non-existent email address. There is no “remove” or “delete” button.

Ok so to verify you have been able to add another dashboard admin, but are unable to remove? Have you tried the process identified here?

Admins can be removed by clicking the REMOVE button after they have been added.

One thing of note, you won’t be able to remove the admin if you’re currently logged in as that account.