Unable to Assign an Application to User, There are no Applications to Display in Authorized Applications

Problem statement

When trying to assign an application to a user, there are no applications to display in the Authorized Applications section for a user profile in the Dashboard.


While assigning a user to an application, or vice versa, is similar to how other Workforce Identity Providers (WIC) operate, this is not the case with Auth0.

Since Auth0 is primarily a customer-facing solution, as opposed to a workforce solution (like Okta WIC), there is no need to assign an application to a user on a per-user basis. Instead, when a specific connection is enabled for an application, all users within that connection can log in to that application. There is no way to create a user within the Auth0 dashboard with pre-assigned Authorized Applications (this includes the Management API create user endpoint). A user will need to go through a login flow (not including the ROPG flow) to have that data populated.

The Authorized Applications tab in a user’s profile displays a list of OIDC scopes that a user consents to upon their first login to an application.

Note: The consent screen is not displayed for first party applications by default.

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