Permissions in authorized applications

as you can see i have only ‘openid profile email’ in the permissions bloc in Authorized Applications, however i do have a list of permissions like create:users update:users delete:users etc … in Permissions
But i can’t see it in the authorized applications bloc.
Any suggestions please.

Hey there @hamza.hafiane!

This is structured as it is by design - In this case, you could substitute the word Permissions with the word Scopes. Permissions as they are related to an API in Auth0 can be assigned to a user regardless of app either directly or by way of a role, which is why they are listed as separate from the scopes/permissions of Authorized Applications. On the other hand, scopes are specific to the app the user authenticates/authorizes against.

I hope this helps clear things up a bit!

Hi, but how can i replace permissions with scopes.
The issue is that i’m trynig to create a user from my api and auth0 refuse the operation due to missing scope create:users, because the token for my user is not allowed to do so.

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