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In Objective-C:
I wish the user enter user name & password in the app, like what is common with other apps.
At the moment a “Cancel” “Continue” prompt displays saying “App Name Wants to Use auth.com to Sign In. This allows the app and website to share information about you.”
Then “Continue” takes the user away to another screen for entering user name & password, and returns to app if successful.
I wish for no prompt and for the user not to be taken away, as this is better UI/UX.
Is this possible?
I have searched other questions but they only mention configuring the subsequent screen that the user is taken away to.
Thank you.

Hey there @gordon.mccrone!

Thank you a lot for providing that context! Let me research it and see what we can do with that!

Even if the “Cancel” “Continue” prompt could not exist. Would be great.
I understand the reason for being taken to the auth0 browser to enter username & password is to stop phishing (where malicious person releases an app similar in name and look).
Your help is greatly appreciated.

Sure we’re here for you! I’ll get back to you as soon as I find whether there’s a way to do that!

Jira has a beautiful prompt with Google icon and short text “Log in with Google”.
How do we configure the prompt to be similar?
Ideally we would have no prompt, and just be taken to Auth0 login page.
Your help is most appreciated.

Thank you for the info. I’m in the progress of doing a research. I feel like I need one more day to evaluate all the things and get back to you!

Hi Konrad,
Hope you had a good weekend. Ours was 3 days :slight_smile:
Have you had the chance to look into this?
Thank you.

Hi Konrad,

Jira appear to be using their own propriety “Crowd” sign on:


Would be great to use Auth0 without the prompt, or with prompt that looks like Jira’s.
Let me know?
Thank you.

Hey there @gordon.mccrone!

So basically there are a few things:

  1. When it comes to Atlassian Crowd - it’s SSO, we also have that:
  1. When it comes to taking user to another screen - as you’ve said it’s not for the fact that we want to make your app UX bad but for the security concerns

3… When it comes to the prompt I haven’t found any way to customise it the way that it automatically redirect user to the other screen. You can submit this one describing your context as feature request to our product team directly here:

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