UI Customization in Universal Login for Native Apps

Am new to Auth0. And am trying to integrate universal login wherein I made the customization for text colors and backgrounds for a button, but I would want the UI to appear as seamless as possible that user wouldnt be able to know that its In app browser that got launched. For ex, if we see Amazon iOS App as in Attachment, the navigation title bar that has Amazon.com and safe inset area that has time and wifi network indicators all collapse to a single background color green and overlaps with existing titlebar from native in previous screen. This gives the user the perception that we are still in native and is presented with a popover. Is this achievable in Universal Login? When i tried with a sample app when enabled with universal login, Am seeing the following, where in safe area insets are in black color, app’s title bar shows up in Red and Universal login shows up as Dark grey. Also, is the bottom action bar in Universal Login something that could be suppressed?
Can you please let me know if this is achievable in Auth0’s Universal Login for native Apps - iOS and Android?