Twitter dev app used for logins - suspended

I have recently had my Twitter development app suspended despite following the instructions to update it.

I have updated my development app to the ‘free’ version which I believe has ‘elevated’ access privileges i.e. the app can use v1.1 (OAuth 1.0 rules) and v2 (OAuth2.0 rules). I am of the understanding that the Twitter login requires v1.1. to operate. However, the update within the app appears to have 'limited access for v1.1 - but it’s not clear what those limits are.

The error which our NAS (Aruba ClearPass) produces suggests that the app is still suspended. Have I updated correctly but I still have to wait for Twitter to re-activate my app. If so how do I go about this process? There only appears to be a way of appealing against an account suspension and not an app suspension. The developer site doesn’t seem to offer this? Can anyone help?

This is the ClearPass error:

Hey there!

I think it can be related to this FAQ:

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