Twitter API issues v2 - "InternalOAuthError: Could not authenticate you."

Problem statement

We are getting error called “InternalOAuthError: Could not authenticate you.” continuously. It’s happening for Twitter.


This is happening due to the Twitter v1.1 - v2 api changes.


You will need to review Twitter API and update API calls based on that doc:


Messaging from twitter: “Please update the code in your app to use v2 endpoints - this is valid to all endpoints except for media upload endpoints which are not currently supported on v2 so you can continue to use those on v1.1.”

The current v1.1 api endpoints can no longer return the user email. This is already noted as not possible in the Auth0 Twitter connection. It looks like until recently the v1.1 api was allowed to return email but is no longer working. The API v2 available to Twitter does not currently have access to fetch the user email (User object | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform).

Old v1 endpoint that worked has been removed: GET account/verify_credentials<GET account/verify_credentials | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform


Currently per the Twitter API changes it is not possible to fetch user email. There is some consideration to change this from Twitter’s side but this is under their control:

You should be able get around by subscribing with a new account but it’s definitely not a permanent solution.

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