Tutorial for Auth0 implementation with Azure ADFS on an Angular SPA

Hi all Auth0 community,

(first of all sorry if I post in the wrong section, I m new here )

I am currently working on an app structured like this :

  • frontend in Ionic 4 ( Angular)
  • backend API in ASP.NET (C#) calling a database in MS SQK Server 2014 hosted on a different server

My point is that I need to add ADFS authentication to my Frontend application, but for the time being I don’t have access to the final ADFS server, and dont have any development or integration ADFS server to test the implementation.

I was kindly advised to create a test ADFS on Azure, which I did, but can’t get to understand if I am doing all this right (I am very new to ADFS authentication and SSO in general).

Is there a tutorial or a website detailing all the steps to perform to get what I described before (from the ADFS creation on Azure to the implementation of Auth0 in a basic Angular SPA to point this ADFS server) ?

Thanks forward for you help dear community, and sorry for my being so noobish in all this.

Best Regards and merry Christmas in advance :wink:

Hello @Maestro_pikal,

Welcome to the Community!

Auth0’s documentation for Azure AD and ADFS are below. These may not have everything you are looking for, but they are pretty comprehensive:

There are also some video tutorials available here:

Hi Mark,

thanks a super lot for the links, already had read the two first ones, will see the third one right away, and will come back to give any valuable clue for people in the same need as I.

Best rgrds :slight_smile:

Ok sorry to say, but this didn’t solved my problem.

What I want/need to do is to integrate in my frontend the ADFS adress I want to use, typically, want to do the same as for a former application of which I give an example herebelow :

I would like to be able to set an environment such as below :

export const environment = {
  production: false,
  nativeMock: false,
  adAuthority: 'https://tututu.toto.com/adfs',
  adResourceUri: 'https://api.tututu.com',
   adClientId: 'a5f92493-db5a-4b9f-bebf-9f1d564067d3', // this is an example id which I typed randomly
  adRedirectUri: 'http://www.toto.com',
  apiProtocol: 'http://',
  apiHost: 'lfr12345.dev.pouet.ttt:65341',
  apiPath: '/api'

I am afraid to understand that Auth0 in fact does not give a component capable to directly target a ADFS server, but gives a general redirection to the Auth0 website, which will connect to the configured ADFS connection, and then send back the ADFS answer.

To say it simple, if I understand it well, authentication data between app and ADFS shall mandatorily pass through Auth0 server.

If it is so, it’s really sad but I can’t use Auth0 component T_T