Authentice user with ADFS in Asp.Net Mvc Identity

My application is in Asp.Net Mvc with Angular Js, and currently Identity is used for Authentication, everything is working fine.
But now My client asks for implement authentication in by ADFS using auth0. Can you please help me for this or provide some samples for this?

You should take a look at the available quickstarts relevant to your use case, in particular:

  • Angular.js or Angular quickstart depending on the version you’re using.
  • You mention ASP .NET MVC, but since you’re using Angular I’m assuming this is only used as an API backed for the SPA so you should check an API related quickstart; the ASP.NET Web API (OWIN) could possibly be relevant.

In addition, you may want to look at the reference documentation for ADFS connections to understand what would be involved in setting these up.

Have in mind that ASP .NET Identiy is meant to play a similar role to what Auth0 or direct integration with ADFS would perform so it may not be wortwhile to try maintain both.