Migrate users from ADFS to Azure AD


We have around 20 database connections in Auth0 and a couple that are ADFS. One of our ADFS customers is going to be migrating to Azure AD.

Is there an approach that will allow us to migrate users in Auth0 using ADFS to the equivalent user in Azure AD? The client has over 200 users so doing it manually is not an option. Also, waiting for the users to authenticate for the first time is also a non starter as users need their user_metadata and app_metadata preserving.

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There is indeed an easy way migrate from ADFS to an Azure AD connection with the same underlying users.

What you need to do is change the ADFS URL setting in the connection. So you need to find the WS-Federation metadata endpoint for the Azure AD application which will be of this form:


The appid={application-id} parameter is important, as it points to the specific app registration and lets Azure AD put the signing certificate configured for that application in the metadata. Both of the above id’s can be found in the application settings in Azure AD.

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Thanks for helping on this one Adam!

Thanks for the help everyone.

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