Trying to understand all the different logins required to work with Auth0

As far as I understand, I need to have at least 3 different Auth0 accounts (one to use the Auth0 service, one to call support, one to use this Community). Not sure I am getting something wrong, but why so much dispersion around a single entity?

In the meantime, I am trying to work with the Auth0 for the company I work for. An admin of the company’s tenant invited me through my work email, and I clicked in the email I received to accept that invite. And now I am able to authenticate through Auth0 in our applications.

But when I try to log in the Auth0 site using that email and credentials, I am unable to log in. I am forced to create a separate account, and it doesn’t even accept the same password that was provided in the invitation. Then, I create my account with a separate tenant that I do not need, and the tenant where I was invited to doesn’t appear as associated to that Auth0 account.

Can you help me understand (or point to documentation explaining it) why it is working like this? My colleagues received the same invitation, and their experience is quite different. They are able to use Auth0 like me in our applications, and (differently than me) they are able to login in the Auth0 portal with the same credentials (password was set equal to everyone, and then individually changed in the portal) and see the company’s tenant associated to them.

I cannot find a proper reason for my account working so differently. Maybe there is a mess because I created accounts in support and community with the same email, and now there is an internal mismatch between accounts?

Hi @pazevedo ,

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Answer: You are correct!

Could you please provide the email address where you received the invitation from the tenant Admin? And which URL you tried to log in to the Auth0 site with the credentials?


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