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Different login by customers/brand


I have an application and customers from different companies who want to log in to my app. I want some of my customers to use authentication with email and password only, some other with google only and some other with SSO only.
Should I create one application/connection? And authorize one connection method by application?
May I implement login in two step, first email address, then with the domain of the email address, detect the good authentication method and redirect the user to google auth or email&pwd… ?

Best regards

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Hi Thibaud,

This sounds like a pretty complex question, and you may benefit from Professional Services:

The question is complex, and there is not enough info to answer it fully. It sounds to me like this might be a B2B app, true? You will need multiple connections for sure, as e-mail/password is one, social is another, and enterprise/federation (what you call SSO) is a third.


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Hi John,

Yes it’s a B2B app. Ok thank you, I will try to create multiple connections in my auth0 dashboard.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Let us know if you have any further questions!

This sounds similar to the way we are set up. We have an Auth0 hosted database for most of our users (migrated from our old LDAP directory service), with SAML connections to partner organizations, and a G Suite connection for our own employees. Many of our Auth0 protected apps serve all these different user communities, and Universal Login handles it all.

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