Transfer of Tenant from personal free account to enterprise agreement

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I’ve created a tenant under a private free account and now I want to transfer that tenant to an enterprise agreement.

I’ve read the documentation about assigning a new administrator and allocating All Applications and then getting them to delete my account. But before I do this, I want to double-check this is correct.

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You are trying to transfer the tenant ownership to another admin?

Hi Dan

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I created a tenant using my personal account. So when I click the drop down arrow by my name in the top right hand corner of the dashboard is says EU - Free.

In the meantime the company I work for has an enterprise account so when I switch to the tenants they’ve created, when I click the drop down arrow by my name, it say EU - Enterprise.

How do I get the EU - Free Tenant into the EU - Enterprise?

If I delete my tenant e.g some-company-ci ( can the people who own the Enterprise account create a new tenant with the same name, some-company-ci (

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@richard.sanigar ,

Thanks for elaborating! I understand what your are looking for. Can you have an admin on the enterprise plan submit a support ticket requesting that your tenant is added to the enterprise plan? Do not delete the tenant. You or your enterprise will not be able to recover the name once it is deleted.

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