Too Many Redirects

Hey - in the last few days my app has stopped worked when logging in.

It’s a react native app, build with EAS. When running in Expo Go the login works perfectly but when I build the iOS app and test it, I’m getting an error ‘too many HTTP redirects’ after the user goes through the login process.

When checking the logs in Auth0, it seems that sometimes the Connection is showing as N/A.

It’s only started happening in the last week or so.

The versions of the app that were built before this are also having the same issue so it’s not a new ‘build’ issue, I’m guessing it’s something to do with the redirection etc. on the Auth0 side?

I now see a screen that says ‘Redirecting you to the sign-in page’ before the window closes.

I’m using AuthSession but like I said, version build a month ago have also stopped working.

Anyone able to help?