Error Too many redirects for a specific user

We are facing issues with login an user. It shows too many redirects on browser. I have attached .har file can you please check and give me some help
Auth0.har (1.4 MB)

Hi there @rajeev.sarathe !

A few initial questions:

  • Which specific Auth0 SDK Are you seeing this issue in?

  • Are you able to reproduce in an Auth0 sample app?

  • Is there any sort of proxy involved?

This error typically crops up do to some sort of configuration error. Unfortunately, it’s hard tell specifically what could be going on from the har file so the more information you can provide the better!

Hi @tyf , thanks for your response. Here are details you requested.

  • We are using single page web application in Flask.
  • No we didn’t get this issue in sample app. Also this issue is caused in local setup of auth0.
  • No there is no proxy involved.

Let me know if you need more details.

Hi @tyf, can you please help us this as it has become blocker for us.

Hi @rajeev.sarathe!

This is occurring with 1 specific user, correct? It sounds like this could be an issue with blocking 3rd party cookies. Are you able to have this user test in different browsers? Depending on browser settings, testing in Incognito may help as well.

Let us know!

Hi @tyf, We have tried everything possible.

  • Tried different browsers in incognito as well.
  • Tried enabling and disabling cookies.
  • Tried different users.
  • Tried different ways to login for a user.

None of them helped us to get it working.

Thanks for confirming! It’s unfortunately difficult to know what the issue could be based on the har and the information you’ve shared.

Looking back at the thread - Did you mean that this issue didn’t exist in the sample app, or that you hadn’t attempted to run the sample app configured to your org/app? My best recommendation at this point might be to go back to our quickstart and in particular the sample app and see if you can reproduce the issue. I have not been able to myself thus far.

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