This page isn't working redirected you too many times

hello -

i am up against a very difficult issue. i am running a feathersJS (node) app on an Apache server.

when i create a google-cloud VPS, my feathersJS-Auth0 login works just fine, logging in using both my account or Google. …so far so good! :smiley:

however, when I attempt to replicate the same setup on a Virtualmin (Apache) setup, after successfully loggin in, i get the message:

this page isn’t working DOMAINNAME.COM redirected you too many times

this is even using the same domain name, same keys, etc.

all this leads me to believe there is something in Apache that is causing this. at first, i thought maybe it had to do with redirecting all http:// traffic to https://, but even with that either enabled or disabled on both servers, that does not seem to matter.

and I am SO CLOSE to getting Auth0 working successfully.

please share any suggestions.

thank you.

Probably some configuration error, hard to tell without knowing any details.

Did you search this forum for the error message, cause I recall it’s been asked before. Maybe it gives a useful hint.

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sorry - really STUPID (embarrassing) mistake on my part.

hint to other technically-challenged people: take the config file from bad server, copy it to good server, and run diff… :sweat:

very helpful information:

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