Custom domain "redirected you too many times." error

We’re using a custom domain with Auth0, however, when we initiate our Auth0 SDK and call login(), we get redirected to the Universal Login page where the domain is correct, params look good etc, but the browser cancels the request with “too many redirects” error. Pretty basic code (PHP):

$auth0 = new Auth0(array(
        'domain'        => AUTH0_DOMAIN,
        'client_id'     => AUTH0_CLIENT_ID,
        'client_secret' => AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET,
        'redirect_uri'  => SITE_URL . 'auth',
        'audience' => 'https://' . AUTH0_DOMAIN . '/userinfo',
        'scope' => 'openid profile'


Hey there @evanstp!

Can I ask you to raise it as a GitHub issue in the auth0 PHP SDK repo so we can work on that effectively with the repo maintainers? Make sure to share the link to the issue with us once you have it so we can ping them. Thanks!