Third party cookies with google sign in

I have a react app front end that authenticates users using Auth0 Google plugin and when they are authenticated they are able to fetch private google images from google drive. The problem however arises when that app is being used on phone or in incognito, as third party cookies are blocked in these environments the requests to google drive is unauthenticated as the cookies are not attached in the request. So as a way around I am trying to get the hosting url of that google drive image by making an authenticated request from my spring boot server and then capturing the eventual redirected hosting url so that I can then send that to my front end and then fetch images using the src property in the img tag. The issue is that I am not sure how to authenticate my server and make GET request to something like from my Spring boot server. This does seem like something that wont work but I just wanted to make sure that there is nothing I can do from auth0 or react side to fix this issues? I dont want to buy a custom domain as the app has no users currently so that doesnt warrant spending 20 pounds a month.