Redirect from Google storage signed URL

My authentication with React hooks works fine with the Auth0 universal login. Once logged in, then navigate to a protected page and visit a signed URL which points to a Google Cloud storage signed url the content (like a PDF) opens up in the same window. Once I try to navigate back within the browser, then I prompted to login again.
I have even whitelisted this location (…) in the Allowed Callback URLs
and Allowed Web Origins on my application dashboard at Auth0.

The solution for me would be one of the two following.

  1. Force to open the content in a new tab of the same browser without any security vulnerabilities. If I understand well, a target as “_blank” might be that one. So then the user can navigate back to the application easily by changing tabs.
  2. Solve the redirect back to the same page where the content link was sitting.

I am using React router "react-router": "4.3.1", "react-router-dom": "4.3.1"
The app is created by create-react-app, and version is "^16.8.6"