Auth0-react not getting accessToken on requests

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I have a client application and a secure API with auth0, both are working perfectly on Chrome.

I was trying to use Safari and Chrome Incognito and I found out that the accessToken that I get from getAccessTokenSilently is not being sent on the requests. Is there some known bug to this? It’s so frustrating because it works in chrome perfectly.

Am I missing something?

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Hi @gmwill934,

It sounds like you may be running into an issue with blocked third-party cookies. To confirm this, you can set the cacheLocation to localstorage in the Auth0Provider:

    cacheLocation="localstorage" // <- update cache location
    <App />

There are security considerations regarding storing tokens in local storage which you can read more about here: Token Storage

Alternatively, you can use a Custom Domain so that the cookies won’t be seen as 3rd-party by the browser.

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I’ll try a custom domain for now, see if that works. :slight_smile:

I just tried a custom domain and the behavior is the same. Any thoughts on this?


Not working on safari or chrome incognito.

Only working on chrome and firefox.

Hm, sorry to hear that! When you call getAccessTokenSilently are you using a different scope or audience from what is in the Auth0Provider? I’ve seen in some cases if the audience/scope is different from what is initialized in Auth0Provider, then silent auth will be required and may fail.

Using the same audience on Auth0Provider and getAccessTokenSilently, I’m currently not passing a scope prop.

So, it’s also not working on chrome for iOS… It seems that it only works for chrome on mac and windows…?

Hi @gmwill934,

In order to troubleshoot this, could you please create a HAR file of the authentication flow and send it to me in a private message (you can send a private message by clicking on my avatar and selecting message)? Thank you!

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thanks, let me generate that file.

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I sent you the file as a direct message.

Any updates on this issue ?
I am also running into same issues while fetching access token using react auth0 sdk with safari browser and iPad browsers.

None for me, sadly I stopped paying auth0. I’m currently looking for other providers. Wish you the best of luck and hopefully you can get this solved.

Hello here! Any updates on the issue? I’m also encountering the same issue.