Auth0-react, getAccessTokenSilently and incognito mode, how to fix it?

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I am building an app with React and have used the React sdk from Auth0. I save the token in localstorage and everything is fine in normal Chrome mode but in Incognito, due to third-party cookies, it does not work, the getAccessTokenSilently method does not work, how can I solve it so that it also works in incognito mode?

Attached screenshots of index.tsx and file that save token in localstorage


I know that I have to use the refresh token but I don’t know how to do it exactly… help is appreciated

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Hi there @rafa welcome to the community!

Chrome incognito doesn’t allow for third party cookies which is why getAccessTokenSilently isn’t working. To solve this, you would need to look into using a Custom Domain this way there is no reliance on third party cookies.

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