Third party client management API

Hi everyone! First post on here, so forgive me if this is a duplicate of any other questions (I did some searching but am still kinda lost).

We have third party OIDC clients that registered through Dynamic Client Registration. Are there APIs for them to manage their clients? In specific, we have a client asking to be able to:

  • change their callback URLs (they’ve been developing our connection, but now want to change to production)
  • allow an admin/user to revoke user consent/authorization

Heya @novo_scott , welcome to the community!

There isn’t a way for 3rd parties to modify the application’s settings once it has been created I’m afraid, instead, they will need to contact the tenant owner to carry out these changes for them. This is mentioned at the very end of the “Register your Application” section here:

Similarly for revoking consent, the tenant owner would have to do this for the 3rd party:

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Thanks for helping on this one Steve!