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I want to allow 3rd party applications to access my api. As a proof of concept, I have created a third-party application using OIDC Dynamic Application Registration and have successfully displayed the login and consent popup for this third party app.

My question is this, is there a way to modify the consent popup details? At the moment it says:

test dynamic application is requesting access to your auth0_host tenant

Wondering why it says “tenant” and not account? is it possible to change it?

Hey there @cg-dev!

Looking into our docs on this:

Unfortunately it cannot be customized for now

Hi @konrad.sopala,

Thanks for the reply. Was there any reason why it uses “tenant” instead of “account”? Just curious. As a user, being asked for consent, it may be a confusing for them.



Don’t know to be honest. Would need to discuss it with some product team. Anyway, I think it will be valuable if you can actually suggest such change to our product team directly so they can potentially add it to our roadmap. Here’s the feedback site:

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the reply. Have submitted the feedback as suggested.


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Feel free to use it anytime you have any kind of product-related feedback!

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