Third Party Application Username+Password Sign Up broken?

Hi there,

I’ve created a third party application via the Management API. I’ve also created a Database Connection and promoted it to a domain connection (management api returns "is_domain_connection":true) as well as promoted the Google Social Connection to domain level.

In my concept third party application I’ve embedded the Universal Login <script src=""></script> and configured it with the credentials for the third party application.

Sign up / Log in in via the Social Connection works as expected. Log in for existing users also works as expected.

However, the sign up for new users with the database connection fails when the user tries to enter a password. The error is visible in the screenshot below:

The Allowed Web Origin is configured to http://localhost:5000, https://{my-tenant}

Is this a configuration error?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

From preliminary analysis everything indicates to be a real issue with Lock and third-party clients signup (database connections). I’ll check if we are already tracking this situation and will keep you posted; thanks for reporting.

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So like I mentioned before, this was most likely an issue so I checked internally which included a discussion with some colleagues. From this discussion we confirmed the issue and I was going to ensure that this was reported for resolution, but then stuff got into the way and it was becoming likely that I would only be able to provide a detailed report for this tomorrow…

However, thanks to @nicolas_sabena being extremely helpful we now have a detailed report of the issue at ( The recommendation is to watch that space for updates on this situation; as a workaround you could possible try to use an older version of Lock if you’re just trying up things and seeing how third-party applications work (or in this case I’m afraid, not work).


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