I cannot login to Auth0 Lock (with email and password )

Hello, signing in with Auth0 Lock doesn’t work in the official demo, if you want to login via email and password (registration works). Of course, login via email and password does not work even during the actual implementation.

Thanks for any advice.

Hey there!

I just checked that and it works for me in the demo:

I can confirm the issue:

at U/P signup, it succeeds and sends out the verification mail, but the UI shows an error:

We're sorry, something went wrong when attempting to log in.

And the login doesn’t work with the password I just used for Signup.

@konrad.sopala Did you use U/P or Login with Google?

Yep sorry guys missed that! not working for me too! @mathiasconradt would you route the info to appropriate team?

Yes, will report it.

@janhala Thanks for raising the issue (I guess there’s some misconfiguration).

However, beside this demo, in your actual implementation, things should work fine. If not, please let us know what error you get in either dev console in the browser or in the logs (Auth0 Dashboard > Logs)


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