The universal login page hanging on callback and not redirect back to client application


Our front-end application is built with React and it was initially created with auth0 react spa template.
On the Auth0 side, we are using the universal login page, and the lock version is lock/11.26.

The issue is on the auth0 login page, after the user enters the username and password, and click on login.

The login request succeeded, but the callback request pending forever. So the user is not getting redirected back to the react client application.

We looked into the auth0 dashboard logs, there is no error. And we looked into the rules logs, there is no error. Also on the react client application side, there is no error.

Please refer to the attached for more details:

We have tried pretty much everything, but still can’t find out why this is happening.

Please help out.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards


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Hi @WenboL,

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Can you DM me a HAR of the transaction?

Talked with @WenboL in a DM. This seems to have been a temporary issue that is now resolved. We will open the ticket back up if the issue comes back.

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