Redirect Callback hangs but works on reload

This is a SPA React app using auth0-spa-js: 2.0.1. When a user registers successfully, they are redirected back to our page (i.e., When that happens, the app hangs as if not processing the callback. However, while it is hanging, if I reload the page, it loads successfully.

I have the HAR file with the request before and after the reload. Hopefully that will help figure out what is going on here. Thanks!

Hi @stackref-kmcduffee,

I can help if you want to DM me the HAR files.

Just curious, is there a reason you aren’t using Auth0 React?

According to the documentation, it sounded like the Auth0 React was just for convenience for setting it up. Does it offer more than that?

I actually JUST resolved the issue. I thought I only needed to call the handleRedirectCallback if code was in the query, but not the case.

It’s a wrapper around the auth0-spa-js SDK, so functionality-wise it should be pretty similar. What it does give you is a way to interact with Auth0 using familiar React concepts. Also, our examples for React use it, which can help if you’re setting things up and need some guidance.

Great, I’ll mark this one resolved.

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