Handleredirectcallback not working

I m using react auht0 sdk and using loginwithredirect function to login. When I m trying to attempt the second step where I am handling the callback with handleRedirectCallback function to complete the login flow. It dosent loge me in but as soon as I click the login button without even asking me any credentials it auth0 logs me in

Hi @pandeysumit832,

It’s hard to know without more info. Can you please provide a code snippet of your implementation? Also a screen capture of the behavior could be helpful.

on the callback route I am using handle redirect function

seeing this error. For some reason I am also using “https://YOUR_DOMAIN/authorize?
state=STATE” to send the user to the login page

Would you please post the code to your auth0 implementation? You can format it as a code block using the toolbar at the top of the editor or by using three backtics (`).

Here is an example:

This is a code block

Also, did you use a quickstart or tutorial when setting up your application?