The provided redirect_uri is not in the list of allowed callbacks

Hi there,

I’ve going going at this issue for a couple of days now and don’t know what to do anymore.

I’m building the native app with capacitor, everything works fine locally as web project but when it’s time to deploy it to an android simulator for testing. I get this message:

I’ve looked at my settings in the Auth0 dashboard and the callback URL seems fine:


what’s stood out to me is that I copy pasted the url that I’m redirected to for auth from the android simulator, it looks like it’s passing “localhost”?

Any help would be appreciate it

Hey there @jaype0316 welcome to the community!

Thanks for the detailed description - Are you attempting to use a sample app or the SDK directly in your app? I’d like to try and reproduce on my end, are you targeting React or Angular?

Keep us posted!

Hi tyf,

I’m using the sdk in my custom app with angular as the front-end framework. I followed the quickstart setup from the docs.