"The provided redirect_uri is not in the list of allowed callback URLs." even after callback URL is added prooperly

I started following this YT video from official channel to integrate Auth0 in my Nodejs express project. But after all I started getting this error when I try to go to localhost:3000/login

I thought that’s because of some issue with my project and then started using the same Auth0 application which had configured correctly, in this official sample app, and it also gave me the same error.

Below is the callback URL I’ve configured correctly, in Auth0 project. But I’m wondering where should I define in my express project

Hey there @thidasaone apologize for the delayed response on this one, but welcome to the community!

Just wanted to follow up on this quickly to see if you were ever able to resolve the issue? I’m currently unable to reproduce in the sample app, but I’d be curious what your /authorize url looks like after hitting http://localhost/login - Your .env file (for the sample, omitting your domain/client id is fine) could help as well.

Let us know either way!

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